Study of Composition of Ground-Level Ozone for Air Pollution Management

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Ozone air quality has been one of the main problems in the management of air pollution. It is necessary to quantify the contribution of ozone pollution from all natural and anthropogenic processes to tackle this issue. In this study, the GEOS-Chem global chemical transport model coupled with the CMAQ air quality model will be used to study the effects on ground-level ozone due to the intercontinental long-range transport of ozone precursors and stratospheric ozone transport. A pioneer attempt for identifying ozone from the stratosphere for air quality purposes will be performed. In addition, multi-emission scenarios will be performed to identify the Policy Related Background (PRB) ozone in East Asia; the ultimate goal is to assist future ozone policy making.


Project number7002779
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1230/05/14