Students' Theory Application and Creation of a Website to Promote Happy and Positive Families

Project: Research

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Based on the previous experiences of producing two computer games to promote family interaction, we plan to develop another students’ project on the creation of a website to promote happy and positive families. Students learn best by self-initiated and participative learning that will be maximized by own creation and discovery. In applying family theories learned from the courses SS3107, SS5209 and SS4206, Social Work students from the Department of Applied Social Studies will co-operate and discuss strategies with the students from the School of Creative Media to make animations, create games or video-tape stories as website materials. There are several characteristics of the project: (1) Students can benefit from participative and inter-disciplinary learning. With the investigators’ supervision, students can have knowledge discovery, co-create and co-invent creative, innovative website materials. (2) Students can apply the theories to real life situations to consolidate their learning. (3) There will be knowledge transfer from the teachers to the students, and then to the general public. (4) The website can promote happy and positive families, thus contributing to the well-being of society. (5) The website will have worldwide impact and a broad coverage to other Chinese families all over the world.


Project number6000493
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/05/1429/02/16