Strengthening the Alignment of Residential Education and University Education Aims

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University graduates in Hong Kong are often criticised for their lack of interpersonal skills and other much needed problem solving capabilities. Such soft skills are non-academic and best developed experientially, outside the context of a classroom. Residential education aims to nurture personal development and student-centred learning beyond academic studies. In a well-designed residential education experience, students are encouraged to take up leadership roles within their residence and engage in team sports, cultural activities and social services to broaden their learning environment. Placed in close proximity with one’s peers, residential halls offer the perfect environment for students to develop the highly sought-after skills and abilities, to the purpose of enriching personal growth and in preparation for the workplace. There is however limited evidence about the residential educational aims across universities, as well as a lack of explicit set of guidance on how residential education is best conducted. While goals and objectives exist and may be understood by some, they are seldom commonly-shared knowledge among those involved, nor are they designed to align with university's educational aims. A clear and defined set of residential educational aims that is complementary to university's educational aims is hence needed to maximise students’ gain from residential education – and the proposed project sets out to address this need. The project begins with gaining an understanding of current residential educational aims. Then they will be articulated and aligned with university's educational aims. This is carried out by examining aims of local participating universities, supplemented by a comparison and contrast withresidential/university's educational aims of overseas participating universities.By the end of the project, the team expects to 1) offer a clearly articulated set ofresidential educational aims that is better aligned with the university's educationalaims, 2) improve students’ perception and fulfilment of residential and/or university's educational aims, and 3) develop a set of measuring instrument to evaluate students’ perception and fulfilment of the aims.


Project number6391202
Grant typeTLF(UGC)
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/01/21