Specific Absorption Rates and Electromagnetic Field Radiation by Mobile Phones in Metallic Enclosures

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Electromagnetic field radiation from mobile phones is an important concern in wireless communication applications. This is particularly the case in a metallic enclosure where the emission power of mobile phones is automatically increased compensating for the poor power reception, and also the resonance effect in such a metallic enclosure could further increase the RF energy at some locations. An elevator is a typical example of such an enclosed environment, leading to the possibility of an increase in RF energy being absorbed by human bodies, i.e. the specific absorption rate (SAR)—a measure of the exposure of human body under such radiation.This project aims to evaluate the SAR due to mobile phones operating inside enclosed metallic enclosures, examining and quantifying situations causing concerns of high level RF energy absorbed by the human body. Numerical modelling will be used to carry out the investigation, and results will be substantiated by measurement.


Project number9041242
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/08/078/02/10