Smart Microneedle Systems for Transdermal Drug Delivery and Biosensing

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Microneedles (MNs), consisting of needles of micron size are an emerging technology for transdermal drug delivery and biosensing. The primary principle involves disruption of the skin layer, thus creating micron size passages allowing the direct drug dilevery into the skin layer and provide a route for extracting skin interstitial fluids (ISF). Here, we develop a MN device that explores the transdermal drug delivery and biosensing. Specifically, MNs can achieve the precise and timely drug release in response to either internal or external stimulus (e.g. blood glucose and thumb press). The biosensing is achieved through collecting and quantifying biomarkers in skin ISF. Taking diabetes as the disease model, the model MN devices would realize the glucose­ responsive drug release and continuous monitoring of the glucose level. We also aim to form a highly collaborative team with local and international researchers for later application of larger research schemes such as CRF or TRS. 


Project number7020029
Grant typeSIRG
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