Smart Materials in Pervasive Media

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This proposal is intended to support the evolution and the teaching contents of PI’s course: SM3702 Pervasive Media: Value, Culture and Practice, and the development of a new undergraduate course on the application of smart material in pervasive media, interactive art, and tangible interface. In this proposed project, students will be guided to study the process of traditional handicraft making (paper folding, paper cutting, wood craving, clay modelling, etc.), experiment on using smart materials, and be inspired to mix traditional handicraft and smart material, to create a new type of interactive handicraft art, which performs automated behaviours, such as moment, shape-changing, color-changing, etc., according to different contextual input. Students are encouraged to submit ideas and proposals to create interactive handicraft with smart materials, which will be shown in the final exhibition. Potential projects will also be selected to submit to international conferences, awards, and commercial grant application.


Project number6000480
Grant typeTSG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/11/1330/04/15