Smart Base Station Antennas for New Generation Broadband Mobile Communications

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While standardization of the Fourth Generation (4G), also known as Beyond 3G, is still undergoing deliberation, this all-IP system will certainly surpass the quality of previous generations in delivering voice, data and streamed multimedia to users, allowing seamless and transparent communications.The interoperability of the 4G system requires wideband and high power antenna system operations. On the other hand, access techniques to heterogeneous networks require more efficient use of energy. Intelligent antenna is another essential piece to complete the 4G jigsaw puzzle in providing high speed and highly secured communications.In this project, we draw upon the expertise and facilities of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at City University of Hong Kong, Comba Telecom System (Guangzhou) Limited, the number one integrated wireless solutions and subsystem provider in Asia, and Jackson Manufactory Dongguan Limited, a manufacturer for mobile communications products, to collaborate on the endeavor of developing an enabling technology in wideband adaptive radio frequency (RF) subsystem for the 4G mobile communications. Specifically, we will develop wideband antenna elements, high linearization technology for power amplifiers, and novel up- and down-conversion technologies with phased sources. The latter two will be implemented in integrated circuits. All the technologies will be employed to design adaptive antenna arrays for the 4G mobile communications.


Project number9440078
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/117/02/14