Small Meander Spiral Antenna for Global Positioning System

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This project proposes a novel design of a meander spiral antenna practical for the Global Positioning System (GPS). A rectangular radiating spiral wire will be used in exciting the circularly polarization (CP). The spiral arm will be meandering folded, and shorting pins will be added to reduce its size. A single meander wire antenna will be demonstrated at 1227MHz. Then, an extra meander rectangular loop will be added to generate dual CP bands of 1227 and 1575MHz, which is required for differential GPSs. By loading a dielectric material into the configuration, a high performance, low loss, and compact CP antenna will also be studied.Results with a proper meander line and dielectric substance parameters will be optimized by a new genetic algorithm (GA), namely the jumping gene GA. In the jumping gene process, two types of transposons—cut-and-paste and copy-and-paste—will be programmed. The procedures for the transposition operation are implemented between the selection process and the crossover mechanism. In generating the date samples, the selection of using either transposon is free and can only be chosen randomly. Parameters affecting the optimization in terms of return loss bandwidth, axial ratio bandwidth, gain, and radiation directivity will be studied.


Project number9041250
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/079/11/10