Simultaneous Measurements of Wind Speeds at Seashore and Inland Sites during Typhoons

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This project aims to obtain reliable field data of wind velocity from anemometers installed at several established meteorological towers at seashore sites and atop two super tall buildings in Guangdong during the passages of typhoons. In addition, a portable observation tower with a wind monitoring system will be established, which will enable measurements of data made at or close to typhoon landfall locations to obtain valuable information and data under strong typhoon conditions. The field data such as wind speed and wind direction will be simultaneously and continuously measured from various heights at the measurement sites during typhoons. The proposed simultaneous observations of wind speeds over the various sites with different roughness conditions during the same storms will provide useful information to assess the effects of terrain roughness on atmospheric boundary layer wind speeds and the temporal variation of strong wind speed when a typhoon passes over the measurement sites. Detailed analysis of the field data will be conducted to investigate the characteristics of typhoon-generated wind in coastal and inland regions. Furthermore, refined typhoon simulation models will be developed and evaluated by comparing actual wind records obtained in this study with wind speeds and directions predicted by the simulation models.


Project number7002104
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/075/11/08