Shape and Reflectance Recovery Using Shape from Stereo and Shading

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A novel combination of shape from stereo and shape from shading techniques in computer vision is proposed to recover the shape and reflectance property of a static three dimensional (3D) object or a snapsnot of a moving 3D object. Binocular (two camera) stereo will be used to match highly confident regions, which form groups of reliable 3D points. Computer graphics techniques will be used for reflectance recovery. A novel perspective shape from shading will be applied to find the 3D shape in low confident and occluded regions. The method has the following key advantages:it uses only two photographs, as opposed to the hundreds of photographs used in some existing methods;the techniques are fast and non-iterative;the shading algorithm is realistic as it models the projection accurately; andmultiple lighting directions are allowed, which is more realistic.The method will useful for 3D object input for media industries.


Project number7002128
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/078/05/09