Semantically-enhanced Data Collection of Depression-focused Social Media Platforms

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Social media is gaining much attention from the medical community as a potential data source. Because of the anonymous nature of social media platforms, many people suffering mental health problems seek help and support from social media in addition to, or even instead of, seeing a doctor. Such behaviors make social media a unique data source with the potential to fill the important gaps in our current understanding of mental health, and improve the efficacy of interventions and promotion programs for mental health. In this internal project, we plan to collect a comprehensive dataset of mental health related social media and enrich the data with the semantics in knowledge graphs from LOD. We will propose the multilayer semantic social network framework to represent the structured and unstructured information as a multilayer network, which is the basis for the analytics work in following phases.


Project number7004662
Effective start/end date1/09/16 → …