Second Language Reading Anxiety, First Language Writing Anxiety and Translation Performance: English to Chinese Translation Learning in a Hong Kong Tertiary Translation Class

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Although it has been established that foreign language1anxiety has significant impact on learners' foreign language and translation classroom performance, little has been addressed as to the interaction between first language anxiety, foreign language anxiety and translation learning. To fill this research gap, this study aims at investigating the interaction between second language reading anxiety, first language writing anxiety and English-to-Chinese translation in a Hong Kong tertiary translation class. About 50 translation students will participate in the study. The study will adapt instruments based on previous studies to measure students' second language reading anxiety and first language writing anxiety. Scores indicating their first and second language abilities, as well as their translation achievements will be collected. A concrete picture will be drawn with regard to the interrelationship between second language reading anxiety, first language writing anxiety, language ability and translation achievements. The findings of this study can also lend support to directionality issues in translation studies. This study will enhance our understanding of translation learning and provide great insights for translator training at tertiary levels.1Note: Foreign language and second language is used interchangeably in the current study.


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