Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail (HSR) Systems

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While the development of China’s high-speed rail (HSR) network is record-breaking and unprecedented, critical management problems (in terms of reliability, maintainability, and safety [RMS]) were exposed by various reliability problems in commercial operation, such as the devastating 2011 Wenzhou train collision. These safety and disruption management problems are only the tip of the iceberg. The public is losing confidence in CRH operation and is concerned with their safety. HSR is a complex system that is comprised of the latest engineering components, including infrastructure / track work, station emplacement, rolling stock, and rules operation. State-of-the-art RMS principles and practices, such as Prognostics and System Health Management (PHM), quality and reliability engineering, and demand and disruption management, have been successfully developed and examined under various major science and technology disciplines, and we envision that the integration of these multi-disciplinary approaches is the key to solving the HSR-RMS problems. The objective of our research is to innovate and advance technologies in PHM, quality and reliability engineering, and demand and disruption management within the HSR systems. The grand challenge research questions to be answered are: How do we assure safety and reliability to prevent disaster in the HSR system? How do we assure the high quality and reliable service of the interrelated inter-city and intra-city rail systems? How do we manage unavoidable disruptions and accidents to minimize the loss to society? How do we take advantage of the latest RMS technologies to create business opportunities?The mission of the project is to achieve business service innovation of HSR systems that increases public confidence in HSR safety and creates consultancies and business opportunities.Our goals are to:guarantee safety by implementing self-cognizant fault detection and monitoring systems;enable dependable train operation, performance, and service through advanced rail system design and reliability engineering; andhelp administrators develop credible and sustainable regional and national public transport strategies and build up the global HSR system image.


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