Role-based Leaning in the Metaverse: Integrating Virtual Reality to Teaching Marketing

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With the rapid advancement of digital technologies, coupled with the long-standing pandemic,universities worldwide accelerate the adoption of online learning and migrate all on-campusactivities to online platforms. Traditional online learning technologies, however, are challengingto simulate teaching and learning scenarios in the real world; and students cannot communicatein real-time. The emergence of the metaverse revolutionizes the online learning model, especiallyfor marketing courses that need to integrate theory and practice closely. This project proposes Virtual Reality (VR) as an innovative and effective e-learning solution to integrate Metaverse Xirang into marketing strategy and customer experience management courses. VR is particularly useful for students unfamiliar with real-world business practice and suitable for business and research experiments. We intend to design and simulate a specific business environment with rich marketing content so that students can take part in the attractive and highly influential business scenarios as part of a management team in the company to help them identify and implement critical factors in creating a superior customer experience. The integration of a virtual world into academic curricula is expected to be a promising method to narrow the gap between marketing theory and practice. Teaching and learning in avatar-based metaverse are highly interactive and provide a rich experiential environment, where students are allowed to learn marketing concepts, theories, and models through role-playing. Qualitative and quantitative data will be collected at the end of the courses to summarize and further improve learning and course design. Ultimately, it is expected that we can find suitable methods to facilitate students' understanding of marketing theories and enhance their ability to apply theoretical principles to real-life business practice scenarios through the application of VR technology in the metaverse.


Project number6000799
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/06/22 → …