Research Analytic Framework for Lean Research Management

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Research management is an important task for government funding agencies and research institutions. Research information systems have been developed to automate the processes of research project management. However there is a need to build the formal framework for measuring research performance and forecasting research trends in research management. In this project, a Research Analytics Framework (RAF) will be proposed to measure research performance from three aspects, namely research productivity (e.g. no of refereed articles in journals or conferences, citations and h-index), research relevance (e.g. in a research discipline) and connectivity (e.g. social network analysis). The proposed RAF will be implemented with data collection, analysis and visualization capabilities to support decision making tasks in research management. The project results will provide new methods and techniques for developing next generation research information systems. It will change the way for lean research management in government funding agencies and research institutions.


Project number9041832
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1313/06/16