Rendering-friendly Spherical Basis for Image Based Relighting

Project: Research

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In image based relighting, a scene under variable lighting directions can be represented by the spherical harmonic (SH) basis. However, under some situations, the magnitude of the SH coefficients is very large. Hence, relighted images are very sensitive to quantization (or compression) noise in these SH coefficients. To reduce the noise-sensitivity issue, this project will investigate a noise-resistant spherical base, the approximation ability of which is similar to that of the SH basis. With this new spherical base, the magnitude of basis coefficients is controllable and hence the artifacts in the relighted images can be suppressed. Also, the transform from the classical hemispherical SH coefficients to the new basis coefficients will be developed. The relighting process under this new base will also be discussed.


Project number7002108
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0728/01/10