Relay Resistant Communication For RFID Transactions

Project: Research

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Relay attacks is a serious and practical threat to contactless payment systems that is becoming more attractive with the increased use and transaction value of contactless payments. Distance-bounding is a countermeasure widely studied in academic research but it has not transferred to commercial systems. Conventional communication channels cannot achieve the theoretical properties often required for the protocol to be secure and special channels might not be feasible to adopt. Our objective is to design ‘best-effort’ distance-bounding channels suitable for real RFID systems, which will then be analysed to quantify security performance in the distance-bounding context. We will implement and evaluate reference designs and construct channel prototypes. This will provide a ready to use security building block for integrating distance-bounding into existing and new systems. At a time that distance-bounding is starting to interest industry this project is of relevance to electronic payment providers, but also impacts the smart card industry in general together with other applications using similar short range wireless communication, e.g. building access control systems, remote vehicle door locking and e-ticketing.


Project number9440163
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/1731/12/18