Relability Study of Vacuum Dielectric Capacitors for Microwave Circuit Applications

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The requirement of high performance radio-frequency components has become increasingly important in recent years because of the rapid advancement of mobile communication technology and the explosive telecommunication expending markets. A new type of high-frequency micro capacitor was invented by ADC Tech International Ltd. Without using any thin film as the dielectric material, the vacuum dielectric capacitors (VDCs) have several advantages:it can be used up to 300 GHz without suffering serious high-frequency dispersion of the dielectric;it does not have dielectric aging effects; andit has very low temperature coefficient and can be operated at very high voltage. However, the VDCs still suffer from several reliability issues such as thin film cracking at high-temperature and under high voltage stress. The objectives of this project are to characterize and to model the reliability characteristics of VDCs so as to further improve the electrical characteristics and reliability of VDCs.


Project number9440061
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/0830/09/09