Realization of Thermo-optic Polymer Waveguide Devices with Imprinting and Molding Techniques

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Due to their many optical properties, ease of film preparation and compatibility with most optical materials, polymers show great promise for mass production of low-cost photonic devices for applications in optical communications. The objective of the proposed project is to extend the polymer waveguide technology through function enhancement, device integration and process improvement. The large thermo-optic coefficient of polymers will be leveraged to form novel thermo-optic devices. The high photosensitivity will also be explored for tailoring the characteristics of the devices with a UV post-processing technique. To increase the level of device integration, multiple thermo-optic devices will be fabricated on the same substrate. A novel and practical technique to achieve effective thermal control of multiple thermo-optic devices will be developed. To lower the fabrication cost and improve repeatability, a process based on imprinting or molding will be developed for the demonstration of the thermo-optic devices. The outcomes will generate a significant impact on the future development and commercialization of this technology.


Project number9041120
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/071/03/11