Rational Design of Efficient and Stable Transporting Materials for High Efficiency Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells and Large-Scale Fabrication 

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The goal of this project is to rationally design transporting materials for efficient and stable perovskite solar cell, and explore the large-scale and reliable fabrication process of perovskite solar cell. Our group will develop the novel transporting materials via molecular design, and apply it into the devices. Employing various chemical and physical characterization methods to check the materials properties and devices performance, and then optimizing the function of transporting materials to realize the perovskite solar cell with high efficiency (> 22%) and stability under continuous illumination over 1000 hours (efficiency loss < 10%). This goal can facilitate the development of commercial perovskite solar cell, and benefit the renewable energy transformation in Hong Kong.


Project number9440229
Effective start/end date16/09/19 → …