Psychological and Managerial Factors Promoting Creativity in Hong Kong and China

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Creative industries have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent, and have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. Thus they are being promoted for Hong Kong's and China's future competitive advantage. The proposed, multi-level research will examine the interactive relationships between individual, situational and organizational determinants of creativity.Research will be conducted using two broad studies. Study 1 will use an experimental methodology to examine individual and situational effects on creativity. The sample for Study 1 will be drawn from current and future employees in both Hong Kong and China. To ensure adequate statistical power, each cell in the Study 1 experiment will consist of about 30 cases. Study 2 will use a correlation field research methodology to study organizational factors that influence creativity, using a sample drawn from organizations in Hong Kong and China. Data will be collected from approximately 30 individuals from each of 30 organizations.


Project number9041171
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/075/01/11