Promoting Discovery Learning through Web 2.0

Project: Research

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One important condition for achieving the goal of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum is that the students should participate in the various teaching and learning activities designed for them. However, the current participation rates are not high. One key reason for this is that students are not given opportunity to discover at their own time. Therefore, engaging students to participate in the teaching and learning activities is crucial for achieving the goal of the Discovery-enriched Curriculum.This project will propose efficient ways to promote students’ motivation in learning new knowledge and more importantly discovery by integrating Web 2.0 into teaching and learning. First, Internet-available multimedia and home-made videos are integrated into the lectures to promote students’ motivation in learning new knowledge in the subject. Second, videos are taken for students while they are making presentations in classroom to promote their motivation in learning new knowledge. Third, students’ presentation videos are incorporated into Blogs in Blackboard for comments/discussions/improvements to promote discovery in classroom-based teaching and learning. Fourth, students are asked to take videos/photos for their laboratory classes/experiments and then put into Blogs for comments/discussions/improvements to promote their discovery in laboratory-basedteaching and learning.


Project number6980102
Grant typeTLF
Effective start/end date1/06/128/05/14