Promoting Co-operative Learning Beyond the Classroom Using Discovery-based Project

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This project investigates how the use of discovery-based projects can promote a successful co-operative learning environment in a General Education course. The project focuses on a course in English for Science, in which students complete a simple scientific project, documented through digital video and shared with an authentic audience through the YouTube platform. Such project-based learning is commonly assumed to promote opportunities for independent language learning, as students engage with authentic texts and interactions in English beyond the classroom. However, we believe that, in order for English language learners to make the most of such opportunities, structured support in developing effective independent learning strategies is required. Therefore, this project will introduce and evaluate pedagogical measures designed to enhance students’ awareness of and commitment to opportunities for independent learning that arise in the project-based learning process. Students’ out-of-class learning processes will be observed using a mixed method approach, with a view to identifying factors leading to greater or lesser success in group work and associated learning. The benefits of such an investigation include the development of a stronger GE course for English for Science students and a greater understanding of the collaborative nature of project-based learning.


Project number6000406
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/1330/03/14