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The proposed project aims to develop and implement a shared interactive multimedia courseware to enhance information literacy among students in UGC-funded institutions, so as to foster their capacity to use information to learn, and to build students’ awareness of themselves as informed learners. For the content of the courseware to be relevant to students and their context, specific educational needs for information literacy (IL) among local university students will be surveyed and assessed to form a knowledge base, to guide the development of the evidence-based IL courseware and self-assessment tool. Authentic scenarios based on realistic and local cases, delivered through interactive multimedia of the courseware, will be used to challenge misconceptions, to create an engaging learning experience and to reinforce IL concepts transferrable between subject disciplines. Platform and device neutral learning objects will be built on a flexible, scalable and modular architecture, and will be designed to be embedded readily into learning management systems, teaching programmes and other learning activities. Formative assessment exercises will be integrated at different modules of the courseware to assess students’ mastery of knowledge, and to customise delivered contents and activities for individual students. A self-assessment tool will be developed to facilitate self-reflection by students on changes in their information behaviours. “Course Enhancement Funds” will also be provided to individual courses to promote faculty-librarian partnerships for embedding IL elements into them. To deepen IL embedment, a professional capacity building programme will be organised to aid librarians from participating institutions in building collaborative partnerships with faculties.


Project number6390002
Grant typeTLF(UGC)
Effective start/end date1/08/141/06/16