Prime Number Coding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Framework for Diagnosis and Treatment System

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While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China, today it is widely used throughout Asia. Although the practice of TCM has been extensively documented in China, condensing thousands of years of knowledge into one neat coding system remains a big challenge. This is because a typical TCM prescription prescribes a subset of thousands of herbs/medicinal materials, whilst disease coding is challenging because symptoms consist of 14 meridians (經絡) and many individual symptom rows. Prescription and symptoms are thus of multi-facets values if coding them. As a comprehensive coding for TCM is the bedrock for modernization of TCM and applications of artificial intelligence (AI), this project attemps to develop a coding system by applying a novel approach – prime numbers and factorization of their products. Moreover, we will further develop a framework for machine learning in TCM diagnosis and treatment, based on the new coding system.


Project number7020001
Grant typeSIRG
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