Prevalence of Cyber Bullying among Secondary Students in Hong Kong

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School bullying has received a great deal of attention in developmental psychopathology, educational and criminological studies over the past 20 years. With the advancement of technology, peer harassment and aggression is no longer limited to the traditional form of bullying through physical contact. In view of the rising problem of cyber bullying overseas, this study aims to explore students’ perceptions towards cyber bullying and investigate the prevalence of the problem among secondary students in Hong Kong. With the help of survey method, this study will collect 1,500-1,800 questionnaires from a sample of secondary schools. Based on the research findings, the investigator will be able to develop a more sophisticated research proposal for applying GRF or other large-scale grant in the near future. It is also hope that potential methods of cyber bullying prevention and intervention will be developed so that the problem can be tackled in a more comprehensive manner.


Project number9610210
Grant typeAPR
Effective start/end date30/06/1129/12/12