Pre-Clinical Studies of High Performance Flexible Micro Electrode Arrays for Artificial Retina

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Long-lasting functional materials are the key to achieving effective neural implants for the treatment of neurological disorders. Among all neural prostheses, retinal implants have been among the few that have gained market approval in recent years. However, despite the advancements in retinal prosthesis, significant vision restoration has not been achieved yet. It remains questionable if a high density implant alone can be made to achieve high-resolution vision. Since the charge injection limit of traditional electrodes is low, much effort has been expended to modify the surface of neural electrodes with different coatings. In recent decades emerging nanomaterials have been utilized to improve the efficacy and safety of neural electrodes. Recently, we conducted a surface modification on platinum microelectrode electrode and successfully achieved a low impedance and high charge storage capacity, compared with recent published data. In our proposed project, together with efforts from our mainland partner and industrial support, we aim to design and fabricate a high performance microelectrode array, verify and test the various design of the electrode array using experimental animal model. The outcome of this proposed project will be utilized in the development of the artificial retina by our industrial partner.


Project number9440237
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date2/12/19 → …