Potential Semiconductive Networks from Multi-dentate Lewis Acid Linkers and Large Aromatic Thioether Donors

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This research aims to create semiconductive materials with both higher charge carrier mobility and low-cost solution processability, and to develop a methodology to combine the traditionally inorganic semiconductive solids with the burgeoning field of organic solid state chemistry. Specifically, the investigators will use organotellurium halides and organobismuth halides as multidentate Lewis acid linkers for integrating large aromatic thioether molecules to form the proposed semiconductive hybrid frameworks. The organically functionalized tellurium and bismuth Lewis linkers will improve solution processability, as well as provide further functional flexibility for the potential solid state semiconductor networks. Research efforts are equally divided into synthetic organic chemistry, which provides the molecular moieties, and crystal growth experiments, which produce the eventual solid state materials.


Project number7002321
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/087/12/10