Potential Reduction of GHG Emissions by Using Precast Concrete and Recycled Building Materials in High-rise Building Construction in Hong Kong

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Construction activities have significant and irreversible effects on the environment. The construction industry accounts for about 40% of the world’s energy consumption and 1/3 of global GHG emissions. The construction industry in Hong Kong heavily relies on conventional cast in-situ construction. Globally, however, the recent trend is prefabrication alleviating some of the environmental burdens associated with conventional construction. The literature shows that the majority of total GHG emissions are from the embodied GHG emissions of building materials. This research project aims to quantify the potential reduction of GHG emission in high-rise building construction by using precast concrete and recycled materials. Detailed case studies of buildings and face-to-face interviews are used to analyze data. It is believed that the use of precast concrete and recycled materials would significantly reduce the amount of GHG emissions during construction phase of projects in Hong Kong; thus contributing to a more sustainable building industry.


Project number7002720
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Effective start/end date1/05/1229/06/15