Planar Diimine Metal Complexes for Organic Photovoltaic Devices

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In general, the carrier transport in organic molecular solids is governed by the extent of intermolecular orbital coupling (transfer integrals), where larger orbital coupling can afford better transport properties. In this context, planar molecular structure plays an important role where the molecules can self-assemble and stack well to exhibit better intermolecular interaction. One of the approaches to enhance orbital coupling is to use π-extended molecules. Another approach is to use the self-organizing nature of organic molecules in which alkyl groups and metal center act as the driving force for molecular ordering in the solid state. Our preliminary experimental and theoretical results show that alkyl groups and metal center render different molecular alignment of the semiconducting core to orient differently, thereby changing the physical properties of their solid thin films. We propose to synthesize a series of bis(pyrrole)-diimine metal complexes with different alkyl side chains and metal center to study the physical properties at their solid thin film state.


Project number7002724
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Effective start/end date1/05/125/12/14