Piezoresistive Mechanically Coupled SOI MEMS Resonators

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MEMS resonators have been seen as a viable alternative to conventional quartz crystals for stable timing references which form the heart of all electronic systems. However, their small form factor also limits their output current. This project addresses this issue by combining the enhancements afforded by piezoresistive-sensing and mechanically-coupling an array of resonators together for synchronized resonance (supported by preliminary simulations). In line with this aim, this project will study the trade-off between Q and piezoresistive current in relation to anchor design variations. The second aim is to identify the current paths in a coupled system of resonators to understand the effect of the coupler to the overall piezoresistive current. Both finite-element modeling and measurements will be used in these investigations. The last objective is to realize practical passive differential input schemes in symmetrical mode configurations (necessary for piezoresistive sensing) where conventional active differential drive cannot be used.


Project number7002690
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1119/03/14