PICK-SMART - An Integrated Source Selection System for Construction Procurement

Project: Research

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  • Palaneeswaran EKAMBARAM (Principal Investigator / Project Coordinator)
  • Mohan Kumaraswamy (Co-Investigator)
  • Thomas Shiu-tong NG (Co-Investigator)


Selecting competent consultants and contractors is crucial for overall success in construction projects. Optimized selection is paramount for sustainable realization of quality, performance, value, and satisfaction. Some drawbacks/pitfalls of existing approaches include inadequacies in dealing with quantitative/qualitative criteria, difficulties in making optimum trade-off solutions, distortions/inequalities in group decision-making, incorrect/overlapping criteria, incomplete/inaccurate information, imprecise preferences, and inconsistent/subjective assessments. “Source selection” is an umbrella term used to represent the selection of constructors, consultants, suppliers/vendors, design-builders, and management contractors. Relatively little has been explored on integrated best value procurements and analyzing performance aspects in project delivery.This research aims to develop an integrated PICK-SMART (i.e. ‘smartly’ picking/selecting) system that includes:establishing knowledge bases through networking with practitioners/domain experts;developing a prototype decision-support system for improved selections;developing a pilot framework of a rating system (e.g. for contractors);conducting a simulation study for analyzing selection approaches by comparing related performance measures in project delivery; anddeveloping learning resources for training/education on source selections.


Project number9041155
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/02/071/06/09