Photochemical Nitrogenation of Organic Substrates by Strongly Luminescent Osmium (VI) Nitrido Complexes

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This project is concerned with the design of luminescent nitride complexes with long lived and highly reactive excited states.  Nitrido complexes are potentially useful reagents for the nitrogenation of organic substrates. Although a variety of transition metal nitrido complexes are known, very few of them are reactive N-atom transfer reagents. On the other hand, the design of luminescent nitrido complex that can be readily excited by visible light is an appealing approach to generate highly reactive nitrido excite slates for N-atom transfer reactions.In this project we propose to synthesize a series of [OsVl(N)(X-L)(CN)3]- complexes that bear various electron-withdrawing groups on the bidentate ligand. The effects of the various electron-withdrawing groups X on the photophysical properties of the complexes will be investigated. The photochemical reaction of these complexes towards a variety of organic substrates will be studied, such as alkanes, arenes, alkenes, alkynes, amines, anilines, thiols and phenols. 


Project number7005253
Effective start/end date1/09/19 → …