Photochemical Equipments for Advanced Catalysis and Functional Materials Research

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In this project, a set of photochemical equipments are requested. These equipments will be used for various applied projects including photocatalysis, solar energy conversion, luminescent probes, photoswitchable devices, optical data storage, photo-imaging and photo-medicine. Around 30 researchers (including academic staff, research students and postdoctoral fellows) will be using these equipments. The team members have extensive experience in the synthesis and design of diverse classes of molecular and macromolecular materials, photophysics and photochemistry of luminescent compounds, and catalysis. The investigators initiated a team project on green chemistry and related research themes in 2005, and have since secured over HK$6,000,000 of group research funding. The strategic direction of their research for the next five to ten years will focus on applied photochemistry, which is a key area of green chemistry. The search for new energy sources that do not involve the production of carbon dioxide is an area of intense research, and solar energy is obviously the best choice. The researchers are interested in developing materials that can store light energy (such as photovoltaics), utilize light energy efficiently to perform various chemical processes, and function as various probes, switches and devices.


Project number8740002
Grant typeSpEG
Effective start/end date31/12/0828/08/13