Personal and Family Correlates of Fathering Behavior among Chinese Fathers in Hong Kong

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Although studies have been done to examine the nature of fathering, they have both conceptual and methodological limitations. Recent studies suggest the need to re-conceptualize fathering behavior adopting an ecological framework, and more integrated and comprehensive study on the personal and family correlates of fathering behavior, with reference to Chinese culture, should be conducted. While there is an increasing awareness on the importance of fathering in Hong Kong, no systematic and scientific studies on the correlates of fathering behavior have been conducted. This study attempts to use a mixed-methods research design involving survey and in-depth interviews to examine: (a) the nature of fathering behavior of Chinese fathers in Hong Kong; (b) personal correlates (fathers’ attitudes on fathering, fathering stress, fathering self-efficacy) of fathering behavior; (c) family correlates ( mothers’ attitudes on fathering, marital satisfaction, coparenting relationship, spousal support) of fathering behavior; (d) the interacting effects of personal and family correlates on fathering behavior; and (e) socio-demographic correlates and fathering behavior.


Project number7002410
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