Performing Experiments with Mobile Devices - Synergistic Discovery Learning for Science Students

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Mobile devices are an essential part of daily lives for nowadays students who have been growingup in the Information Age. Smartphones and tablets, being inherently multifunctional, can beintegrated into laboratory classes of science subjects. Usual features such as camera, flashlight,microphone and GPS, enable mobile devices to serve as sensors and data recorders. Beingextremely compact and easily portable, smartphones are potentially excellent scientific tools thatcould serviceably replace regular computers for a wide range of applications in science. Simpleprotocols, for instance, the construction of absorption spectrophotometer capable of determiningconcentration of particular chemicals are introduced to stimulate student’s interest in chemicalanalysis in a fun and playful way. This project aims to spark student to solve complex tasks byusing their imaginations and working with the unexpectedly powerful investigation tools theyhave always been holding. The exploration of using mobile devices in performing scientificexperiments impart unequalled synergy for discovery-enriched learning which is commonlyassumed to pursuit maximum autonomy of students in design of experiments. The key idea ofthe proposed synergistic discovery approach enables the instructor act as a consultant providingexpertise to help students investigate with their existing skillset to explore new ways of digitalapplication throughout the entire scientific process.


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