Parallel Regeneration of Organ-Specific Parenchyma, Stroma and Capillary Vasculature with Syngeneic iPSC Derived Non-Anchorage Dependent Functional Cells in Porous Hydrogel Based 3D Scaffolding System

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The Objective of this proposed research is to achieve parallel regeneration of organ-specific parenchyma, stroma and capillary vasculature with syngeneic hiPSCs derived non-anchorage dependent functional cells in porous hydrogel based 3D scaffolding system. In this proposed study, hepatic and ca1tilaginous organoids are respectively selected to represent complex and simplex models of regeneration. As a representive simplex model of regeneration, in the tagetted cartilaginous tissue, parenchyma and stroma are combined; vessels and nerves are void, for which relatively pure hyaline-cartiliginous phenotype is pursued in the engineered tissue. As a representive complex model of regeneration, besides hepatic parenchyma, the engineered stroma and endothelium should possess liver-specific phenotype. In this study, the induction of stem cell differentiation and tissue development replies on biophysical modulations and cures, by which cellular morphology and manners can be controlled in the hydrogel based 3D scaffold, rather than casting emphases and effo1ts on exogenous biological or biochemical interventions. 


Project number7020028
Grant typeSIRG
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