Organizational Embeddedness and Entrepreneurial Orientations

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The identification of the forces that shape entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is important due to its high social relevance. However, the overall picture of interconnected firms and the mechanisms involved in regulating entrepreneurial behaviour has not been given its due attention. This research draws on embeddedness perspective to investigate how firms' network positions affect the magnitude of their EO dimensions. This research also differentiates the roles of two networks (business networks and institutional networks) in EQ origin under an emerging economy, thus combining the considerations in both network structure and content. Further, the EO-performance link is investigated by considering the moderating effect from network structures. The model will be examined using data on two industries (pharmaceutical and food industries) in mainland China at two stages. The research is thus of great importance to understand how the network forces influence the development of EO, and ultimately affect firm performance in an emerging economy like China.


Project number9041172
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0722/03/10