Optimum air Temperature and Velocity for Air-conditioned Environment in Hong Kong from Energy Saving Perspective

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Solutions to reduce electricity use in buildings are required in Hong Kong, given the ever-increasing energy consumption and demands on building sustainability. In the ASHRAE human thermal comfort standard, air velocity is an important factor in the determination of the comfort zone. However, the standard also limits the indoor air speed, presumably to prevent papers flying and the feeling of cold drafts. A higher temperature environment may have the same comfort sensation as that of a lower temperature environment, when the air speed is higher. The transition from desirable to annoying air movement needs to be investigated further. This project is proposed to investigate if there are differences in the thermal sensation of Hong Kong people as compared to the comfort zone assumed in the ASHRAE guidelines and to people in other hot and humid countries. The final goal is to make recommendations on the practical combinations of air temperature and velocity for use in air-conditioning from an energy saving perspective.


Project number9041126
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0729/09/09