Online Harmonic Filter and Network Monitoring System

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Many power harmonic filters are located in unattended or remote locations for improving the power quality of the plants with power electronic systems, such as adjustable speed drives. Presently, the site staff has to conduct regular on-site measurements of the filter capacitor voltages and ambient temperature, so as to ensure the serviceability and normal operation of the filters. The capacitors in the harmonic filters will be replaced either after a period of service or when abnormal capacitor voltages appear. However, premature failure of power components could not be detected easily and accurately. This project aims to develop an Online Harmonic Filter and Network Monitoring System, which will estimate various critical filter parameters, and predict the performance and potential hazards of the local electrical network. The system allows operators to monitor and assess the status and health of each harmonic filter and the local electrical network remotely, and conduct replacement exercise at the optimal time before failure occurs. As the failure filter components are to be replaced near the end of their life cycle, it can reduce maintenance resources and electronic waste. More importantly, the system can help improve the energy efficiency and power quality of buildings in order to meet statutory building energy code.


Project number9440158
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/11/18