Novel Differential Fed Patch Antennas

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In the modern wireless communications industry, wideband antennas with good radiation performance are highly desired. This would minimize the number of required antennas as one antenna can fulfil the requirements of several systems, resulting in low cost and small installation space. This kind of antenna needs to be wideband, symmetrical co-polarization and low cross-polarization in radiation, and stable in radiation pattern and gain across the operating band. However, conventional wideband antennas cannot satisfy these stringent requirements. It is difficult to design an antenna with more than 60% bandwidth and less than -20dB cross-polarization using existing techniques. Recently, the investigators have developed a novel patch antenna, designated as the differential fed patch antenna (DFPA). As demonstrated by preliminary results, it possesses the characteristics of wide bandwidth, stable radiation pattern and gain, and suitability for both linear and circular polarizations. Furthermore, it can be integrated easily with the increasingly popular microwave/RF ICs with differential I/O interface. In this project, they will further develop the DFPA for linear and circular polarization radiation and dual-polarization operation, and explore dual-band or multiple-band operation. Antenna arrays will also be investigated. The successful implementation of this project will lead to their wide application in wireless systems.


Project number9041267
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/072/11/10