Novel Cooling Technology Combining Heat Reflection and Heat Absorption Processes Using Customized Network Structures 

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Today most cities worldwide are experiencing hot and sunny summers. Thus, cooling technologies are developing for keeping the human body cool. Of these technologies, there is yet to have a cooling product in the market that can lower the temperature of the coated surface through combining solar heat reflection, evaporation and water absorption that enable cooling sensation in both outdoor and indoor environment. In this project we will develop a new cooling coating technology, where the main methodology is to develop hydrogels of heat absorbing and heat reflecting processes. The coated surfaces will be tested for durability and cooling functions through solar heat reflection, heat absorption and a combination of heat reflection and absorption. This technology will lower the surface temperature by 4-5 C, thus reducing the need for energy-consuming cooling systems and the associated carbon emission. The developed cooling coatings can be used not only in wearable products but also other applications such as glass and building exterior surfaces. Furthermore, in the testing of cooling functions, differences in environment conditions can have a significant impact on the accuracy of assessment. However, there are no standard methods or equipment currently available. Therefore, it is important to develop standard testing methods and platforms to ensure high-accuracy and high-reproducibility in the evaluation of the cooling functions. The testing platform technology with environmental control will not only enable accurate evaluation but also potential certification of cooling products.


Project number9440245
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date3/02/202/02/22