Novel Composite Polycrystalline Thin Film Solar Cell and Comprehensive Fabrication Platform

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Photovoltaic technology based on solar cells represents the direction of the development of clean energy source, which is bound to become one of important energy sources in human life. In order to further enhance the photoelectric conversion efficiency and reduce the production cost, this project proposes a composite structure composed by a plug-in conductive fiber electrode and highly light sensitive and absorbing layer. It is expected to improve the collection efficiency of the light-generated carriers by optimal distribution of conductive fibers in the grains. The solar cell can be directly fabricated on our comprehensive preparation system. We strive to make a significant breakthrough in the principle research of the polycrystalline thin film solar cells, development of advanced photovoltaic materials and associated manufacturing technology, as well as instrumentation. The project is also expected to lay the foundation for large-scale production of commercial cost-efficient polycrystalline thin film solar cells.


Project number9440103
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date2/10/131/10/15