Nonlinear Quasi Variational Inequalities and Applications to Pricing Management

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Our project aims at developing new mathematical theories and methods to solve jointpricing and inventory control problems. Most of existing literature is under discrete-timeframework. The reason is probably because the literature is mostly in Operations Research. We believe that Control Theory can have a significant impact in the domain. Our approaches are based on nonlinear quasi- variational inequalities. We also intend to extend results available in discrete time, thanks to ideas coming from quasi-variational inequalities, which also make sense in discrete time. In the discrete time case, almost all papers deal with the additive or the multiplicative models. They are particular cases of the way demand depends on price. The few more general cases are quite restrictive in their assumptions. We believe that the techniques of Q.V.1. can be used to deal with more general demand models. We will try to obtain a comprehensive vision of all situations.


Project number7004462
Grant typeSRG-Fd
Effective start/end date1/09/1529/08/19

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  • Dynamic Programming,Quasi Variational Inequalities,Impulse Control,Inventory Control,Pricing Management