Nonlinear Curved Micro-perforated Panel Absorber

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This project aims:to carry out the first work on a sound absorber that considers the effects of nonlinear multi-mode vibration, cavity resonance parallel to the panel length, and micro-perforation; andto make use of the three effects to enhance the absorption performance.Based on the previous works done by the team, it is known that:when the wider bandwidth of a structural or acoustic resonance of a panel absorber, the wider absorption bandwidth induced by this resonance; andthe more resonances, the more absorption peaks induced.Thus, the team proposes to make use of some structural and acoustics properties to widen the bandwidths of different resonances, which has not been the focus of researchers in the field, to enhance the sound absorption performance of a micro-perforated panel absorber.The project includes both experimental and theoretical works. The experimental work is mainly to study the effects of large amplitude vibration, cavity resonance, and microperforation on the absorption performance of a panel absorber. The proposed technology will be useful in the field of acoustic engineering. For example, in Hong Kong, a place with many noise problems, a new architectural design concept has been introduced that makes use of balconies in residential buildings to block and reduce the traffic noise travelling into the units. The balcony surfaces, which are exposed to sunlight and heavy rain, are designed to be acoustically absorptive and easily maintained. Thus, the wide absorption band and the space-saving microperforated panel proposed in the project, which can be made of any durable, lightweight, and weatherproof material, is a very suitable acoustic treatment in the above situation.


Project number9041356
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/091/03/12