Noncontact Electromechanical Energy Conversion System: A Novel Wireless Electromagnetic Actuator for Direct Manipulating Apparatus

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The research purpose of this proposal is to develop a novel breed of noncontact electromechanical energy conversion system (NEECS) that use a wireless drive system to supply, transfer, and convert energy. This new idea incorporates the wireless power transfer technology into the electromagnetic actuator design, which can be innovatively realized to wirelessly drive the electric machine to output mechanical power. Thus, the electric machine design and wireless power transfer are integrated into one actuator system to promote energy conversion from electricity to machinery. The proposed NEECS possesses following distinct merits.i) No power cables are needed for the whole actuator operation; ii) The wireless power drive and electric machine are artfully and compactly integrated into the design; iii) The system achieves smooth control and robust operation. In direct manipulating apparatus and many industrial applications, electromagnetic actuators are a promising trend as the key component. The increasing need for electric machines and power electronic systems is proposed by smart and flexible electromagnetic actuators. In actuator systems, power connections via cables are conventional presented, although they are occasionally fatal and/or redundant in high-reliability occasions. Besides, power cables bring drawbacks of additional power loss, non-flexible connection, poor flexibility, etc. which further restricts the use of electromagnetic actuators.A cordless structure and wireless energy flow combined with an electric machine definitely attract distinct requirements and special needs. Such wireless electromagnetic actuators would definitely become a transformative and high-impact creation and enhance system freedom and operation flexibility. This proposal focuses on the development of a novel NEECS. It puts forward clear research objectives include:1) to investigate the key factors on which design criteria, operation principle and theoretical illustration of proposed wireless transfer-power transverse-flux (TPTF) machines; 2) to realize the unique integrated machine design and unique electrical winding design for NEECS; 3) to achieve brand new electric circuit design for wireless power drive from high-frequency power transmission to low-frequency motor operation; 4) to achieve fast and accurate control with deadbeat and sliding mode theories for the passive electric machine system on the secondary side by the proposed control strategies on the primary side; 5) to accomplish secondary state estimation of proposed NEECS for sensorless control with the better robustness of actuator system; 6) to develop multiple sets of prototypes and experimental testbeds for the proposed NEECS, and to implement system-level testing. The key research route to this project is to complete three major tasks.Task 1proposes the system configuration of NEECS, along with feasibility analysis, design criteria, and theoretical illustration. The rated output indicators of proposed NEECS are 1.5 kW and 20 Nm. The topology can achieve a compact structure with a weight below 3 kg and a high efficiency of above 90% at rated status.Task 2implements both wireless energy flow and electromechanical energy conversion for proposed NEECS. New power electronic circuits with multi-frequency transmission of 85 kHz and 140 kHz are designed for the project. To energize electric machinery, high-frequency wireless power is converted to low-frequency. The electromechanical energy conversion is realized by a novel wireless TPTF machine with only passive components on the machine inside.Task 3studies the smart control strategies of proposed system. The control strategies can treat the secondary wireless receiver coils and the machine as a whole system and only implement the control on the primary side.The PI team has enriched experiences in power electronics, motor design and control, and electromagnetic actuators. The success of this project will greatly revolutionize the electric machinery and actuator industry. Also, the project will offer long-term significance in academia, industry, and education in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and even the world.


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