Noise and Echo Cancellation DSP Firmware Library for Automotive Applications

Project: Research

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The demand for devices that utilize digital speech processing is constantly growing. Nowadays in many countries, the use of phone in cars is only allowed with hands-free equipped mobile phone. These hands-free facilities have loudspeakers and microphone installed in the car. It aims to allow communication in noisy and enclosed environment without using close-talking microphones, and of course, operated without hands. However, as the microphone is positioned some distance from the talker, this will increase the loss in the transmission loop as well as increase the level of ambient noise and the echo from the loudspeaker signal.The aim of this project is to restore the comfort of a face-to-face conversation over an in-car hands-free phone. Based on the limitations of the in-car environment, the project will develop a digital speech processing algorithm which will be simulated and implemented in real-life applications.


Project number9440060
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/09