Node Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks: Algorithm Development and Performance Analysis

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Recent technological advances in wireless communications and microsystem integration have enabled the development of small, inexpensive, low-power sensor nodes which are often arbitrarily placed with their positions being unknown. Thus sensor positioning is a fundamental and crucial issue for the wireless sensor network (WSN) operation and management.A major requirement for the WSN localization problem is to provide location estimates which are accurate and low-cost. Furthermore, the WSN connectivity is subject to changes and it is also important to detect and discard non-line-of-sight measurements. In this research, the above challenges will be tackled and the statistical signal processing theory and techniques will be utilized to derive accurate, robust and computationally attractive WSN positioning algorithms. The bias and variance performance measures of the developed algorithms will also be produced. Finally, the proposed methods will be implemented for potential applications of smart home and office environments to study their practical capabilities.


Project number9041152
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0626/08/09