New and Advanced Control Charts for Monitoring Processes with Multiple Characteristics

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In the past, we have investigated time-between-events (TBE) control charts that have proven to be very effective in the monitoring and control of a high quality manufacturing processes. In this proposed research, we will investigate some advanced control charts for TBE data, with a focus on multivariate situations. In addition, extensive literature search will be carried out. We will first investigate the modelling and monitoring of extreme-value characteristics, such as those related to peak usage, extreme damage or performance levels. In addition, the statistical and economic design problems for multivariate charts for Weibull or extreme-value distributed characteristics will be studied. Furthermore, in this study, we will also investigate the extension and uses of the recently developed 'circle chart'. This chart is useful for monitoring positive measurements and can be further modified or extended. Furthermore, bivariate or multivariate characteristics could be monitored with traditional F'2 statistics using a circle chart.


Project number7004086
Grant typeSRG-Fd
Effective start/end date1/10/1317/07/15