Network-Based Resilience Assessment of the Multi-Modal Public Transport System in Hong Kong

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The aim of this project is to develop a novel multi-dimensional network-based framework to evaluate the resilience of a multimodal public transport system. The utility of this framework will be demonstrated in the context of the Hong Kong public transportation, which comprises five different modes: metro-rail, bus, minibus, tram and ferry systems. Urban public transport is one of the critical infrastructure systems, any disruption of which (even if it is partial) could have a debilitating impact on the city’s health, security, and economy. The Hong Kong public transport system accounts for 90% of passenger trips in a day, and its disruption could have catastrophic cascading impacts on the economic and social interactions. This is especially of concern when one considers the increasing instance of climate change-induced extreme weather as exemplified in a recent hit by a severe typhoon (Mangkhut). The 3-year project is divided into three objectives.1. Create a spatial-temporal network model of the multi-modal public transport in Hong Kong.2. Develop the transport resilience cube methodology for the evaluation of the four phases of the resilience cycle: prepare, withstand, recover and adapt.3. Identify points of intervention and prioritize actions that will improve the resilience of the multi-modal public transportation system in Hong Kong.This approach will be used to compute resilience across dimensions for the Hong Kong public transport system. Data for network topology and passenger flow will be obtained by private transport companies and the Hong Kong government’s Transport Department, respectively. Results from the project will allow triage of allocation of financial and other constrained resources for infrastructural upgrades. Successful completion of this project will provide spatially and temporally specific prescriptive strategies that will support resilience decisionmaking by transport planners and operators in Hong Kong. 


Project number9048170
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